EMC Eupen is the world's predominant supplier of filtered power supply cords and ferrite coated cables.

Our major distribution center is located in Farmingdale, NJ, USA.
We have manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Europe and the Far East.

Our large inventories allow us to ship most products from stock.

We take considerable pride in delivering these quality products at competitive prices and delivering them on time.

The technical staff at EMC Eupen stands ready to assist you.




In addition to our line of filtered power supply cords, EMC Eupen also manufactures standard and customer "Designed to Print" power cords at very reasonable prices and quick turn-around. Please send us your inquiries. You will be glad you did.


NEW FROM EMC EUPEN!  For those customers needing a "Universal Filtered Power Cord" for use in all Countries, EMC Eupen has developed their "Mouse in The Snake" design.

This cord with an In-Line Filter allows the customer the flexibility to add whatever plug the host country requires.

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