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About Filtered Power Cords

Eupen cords are not just the ordinary power cord. Our cords are Compliant Solutions. They are manufactured to help the customer meet the strict requirements of the FCC, CE and other international standards on EMC.

Our filtered power cords are an electrical network of passive components providing common mode and differential mode attenuation of conducted and radiated noise. In addition to the built-in filter networks, the cable conductors are also available with a coated RF absorbing ferrite compound (FerroCom) that provides additional attenuation at the high frequencies, something not found in most regular LC filtering devices. This RF absorption on the FerroCom coated cables avoids high frequency resonances as well as the unwanted conducted and radiated noises.

Our customers call our cords, "The Pollution Solution".

The cords come with plugs available in both the North American NEMA 5-15 (NA Style) and the European Schuko CEE-VII (ES Style.) Within each style is included an economy level (100 series) and the high performance (200 series) with FerroCom conductors. The cords’ other ends normally have an IEC 60320-C13 appliance coupler but ready-made ends are also available.

Eupen also offers a Universal power cord for other international configurations.

With appropriate volume, custom designs can be manufactured to meet specific customer requirements.

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